Terms & Conditions

Travel Insurance.

We recommend that all clients take out Travel Insurance and especially clients from non-EU countries.

Golf Experience reserves the right to change our quotation at any time for different reasons but specifically due to changes in rates from our suppliers or rates of applicable tax (VAT). Once a deposit has been given the price is fixed.


Bookings made within 2 months of travel will require full payment.

Above two months we operate as follows:

When you accept our proposal and give us the green light we will take about 2 or 4 days to confirm everything. When these are in place to your satisfaction, we would ask for a 20% booking deposit and the balance would be due a month prior to arrival.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card. We charge a 1% levy if you choose to pay the balance by card (not the deposit). For transfers we will supply you with our IBAN.

In certain cases, we can accept cash at our offices.


We understand that nobody books a holiday with the intent to cancel it. But events occur on a daily basis that prevent travel and we need to know where we stand. Your first port of call should be your travel insurance.

In the absence of this we will do our best to refund clients when issues arise.

However, our various contracts with our suppliers, accommodation, golf courses and transportation companies etc all have different stipulations and vary considerably.

Some golf courses have a 30 day no cancellation period, but it can also be a week or a few days.

Accommodation will depend on each particular booking so there is no hard and fast rule. Some special rates are subject to strict conditions such as no cancellation or changes even name changes.

In the event of the total cancelations of a booking which has been made in full and for whatever reason Golf Experience reserve the right to withhold the 20% booking deposit.

Any “no-show” for golf will be charged the full price.

Reductions in numbers.

When we send you a quotation, we will always specify that the price is based on whatever number of clients you tell us. Fixed costs such as transport will vary with numbers and most golf courses and hotels offer reductions based on quantity so reductions can often imply increases in the price of the remaining travellers. Who bares this increase is up to you.

Either the drop-outs of the remainers.

Modifications to bookings:

We will be happy to modify booking subject to the above.

Bad weather.

If a course is closed due to bad weather or any other issue you are entitles to a full refund for that round or a voucher for a return visit. Never assume a course is closed and decide not to turn up, always check with us and we will tell you what the situation is and what your options are.

Note regarding buggies.

There can be confusion regarding the inclusion of buggies in a green-fee rate. This note will explain the various situations.

Even players and Odd players offers

All courses have different buggy offers. Our booking system will specify how many buggies you have included when you make the booking.

Booking options:

Even players with buggy (Shared buggies)

This mean buggy is included for even players such as 2,4,6 players. Therefore, each two players receive a buggy “shared”.

Buggy included

This means buggy is always included for even players and odd players.

Example: for 1 player 1 buggy is included.

Odd players with shared buggy

This means buggy is only included for the even players.

Example: if you are 3 players only 1 buggy is included for 2 players. The 3rd player has to walk or may pay for a buggy directly at the caddy-master same day of play.

Odd players with buggy

This means buggy is always included for all players.

Example: if you are 3 players then 2 buggies are included.

IMPORTANT– If you book for example 6 players the course will book you in their system as a 4 ball + 2 ball, thus 3 buggies are included in the price. We cannot guarantee you will play 2 x 3 ball. This will be at the discretion of the caddie-master on the day of play depending on availability. If you do decide to play 3ball+3ball the extra buggies are paid directly at the caddy-master.