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COVID19 – The Latest News From Golf Experience!

First of all, very Happy Saint Patricks day to you all!!!

Well, what can I say? Greetings from Golf Experience in lockdown on the sunny Costa del Sol.

This certainly wasn’t in the plan. Two short months ago and nobody knew about Covid 19 and now it is gripping the world and paralysing our daily lives. The travel industry is accustomed to shocks and the unexpected but this one is off the Richter scale in terms of the destruction it is causing.  The last few weeks have been very stressful watching this come down the line and hoping against hope that somehow it would, as one prominent politician who won’t be named suggested, not so very long ago, would stop in its tracks and blow over.

But now that we have accepted the inevitable and realise that it is what it is, a certain peace reigns and we are resigned to trying to do our best to help you in every way we can with your booking situation and your holidays plans going forward.

While all course in Spain are closed, they remain open in Portugal. However it can only be a matter of time until these too close.

Lockdown but fully functional:

Spain is in lockdown and while the one size fits all measure seems out of place on the Costa del Sol which is largely free of the virus, we must live with the same restrictions as Madrid where the problem is far greater. While we have temporarily closed our office, we now have 4 new offices!

So if you ever wondered what working from home actually looks like I can show you!

All our paper files have been transported to kitchens, living rooms and sun terraces so we can continue to serve you as before.

And while we always had a fairly relaxed dress code its extremely relaxed now:

And in the meatime, I’ve taken to giving golf lessons to my 7 years old on my terrace!

Our I.T. people, who are currently working on an all singing all dancing new (still work in progress), have taken time out to set us up with all the tools to keep functioning seamlessly and have done so in double quick time. Thank you, Justin and Craig at JUCRA!

These are moments that define genuine partnership and a golf package is a chain of components that are strung together to give you a great Golfing Experience. It is easy when times are good…much harder when the seas are choppy. No one person or company can or should absorb the full impact of this situation…everyone takes a smaller haircut and we all come out on the other side. While each case is unique, I am outlining below how we will endeavour to work with you through this.


The ideal scenario is that you do not cancel your trip rather reschedule for a future date.

For those who must cancel, the situation has been so fast moving and our approach has been evolving to match the changing circumstances. On the assumption that all our suppliers will refund money paid, or give us a credit , we will of course do the same and refund your money less the booking fee equivalent to your booking deposit which we will keep as a credit for you to use for any future trip. As you will appreciate when we have to cancel a trip its double the administration and no income!

After that we are in the hands of the authorities as to when we can start accepting new bookings but please feel free to discuss your plans and ideas with us.

Car Hire.

Anyone who booked a car with us will be refunded in full – no questions asked!

Refunds (especially credit card refunds may take a while as we do not have access to our credit card terminal.)

We will get through this. The travel industry is resilient and golf on the Costa del Sol and Algarve is the best warm weather golf in the world. We will be here when this passes ready to serve you as we have done for the last 30 years.

Yours in golfing.
Seamus, and the team at Golf Experience