Rent your golf clubs with Golf Experience

Golf Experience now offers clients the option to rent golf clubs in Spain directly from us:

Due, to customer demand, largely as a consequence of exorbitant carriage rates being charged by airlines, clients are switching to the smarter option – local golf club rentals.

Benefits of Rental:

Cost-efficient: With airlines now charging as much as €80 for a return trip to transport golf clubs, you can see the sense in renting state of the art clubs locally in Spain. We rent clubs for €15 a day or €40 per week.

Less hassle: No need to haul clubs through airports avoiding the risk of damage and with less baggage we can rent you a smaller and cheaper car at the airport.

Latest Models: none are more than a year old.

Balls: Option of rental with golf balls & tees provided so you are ready to go!

Delivery: We deliver clubs to your first course and collect them from your last game. We can also have your clubs in your car-hire when you arrive at Malaga Airport.

Brands: We have right and left-handed men’s and ladies clubs.