Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the most commonly asked questions are addressed in our “Terms and Conditions” section. We would ask you to familiarise yourself with these.

Does Golf Experience provide an emergency assistance during a trip?

Yes, one of the many advantages of booking with an operator in the destination as opposed to one where you are is that we are on hand to handle the unexpected. A simple call to our 24-hour assistance and you will speak to someone why has years of experience and can help. We have offices on the Costa del Sol and the Algarve and a representative in the Lisbon area.

What happens when it rains or weather is inclement?

The alternatives are explained under our Terms and conditions. Again, we will take over and manage the situation which is why having a local agency is of huge benefit. If you have an 8 AM tee-time (7.00 AM in UK and Ireland) we will be able to inform and advise you. For more detail go to :

What is the dress code on courses?

Most course have a dress code which will be on a par with that of your own club. See this link for a visual explanation:

What are your payment terms?

These are outlined in our Terms & Conditions:

Can Golf Experience arrange excursions for our group?

Yes, we have years of experience arranging non-golf excursions in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Consult our Excursions section:
A day off from golf which includes an excursion can add significantly to the overall experience of your trip.

What happens if I need to cancel a trip?

Please take time to read our cancellation policy under terms and conditions: 

Does Golf Experience make flights reservations?

No, we provide any and all of the ground arrangements for a trip but we do not do airline reservations. So, you get here and we do the rest! Individuals tend to have varying requirements in terms of seating, insurance, luggage etc so it is easier if you do this directly with the airline. For groups most airlines will accept group bookings and simplify the process for you.

Does Golf Experience offer all-inclusive hotel?

Yes, we use certain hotels that offer an all inclusive package but unlike certain destinations such as Turkey the golf is still off site and hotel no longer offer picnic lunches. 

So, we would recommend half board as being the best option of half-board with a drinks option. Half board is a great way to insert value into a package.

Medical cover while on a Golf Trip

We strongly encourage all EU citizens to carry their European Medical Card (Formerly E111) as this entitles them to emergency health care while in another EU country. 

Obviously, any private healthcare will also have international cover. Insurance cover for cancellation or any other loss while on holiday is entirely up to you. Insurance relating to your flight can be bought along with the flight reservation.

Does Golf Experience offer Club-Hire?

es, Golf Experience offers its own club rental service on the Costa del Sol and we deliver to your hotel or first round and collect after your last round. 

This takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of the hauling and has a far lower carbon footprint than transporting your own clubs here. In Portugal we offer club-hire through our affiliate programme with clubstohire