El Pilar Andalucía Hotel

Location: Estepona
Rating: 4 Stars

Some information about El Pilar Andalucía Hotel

Near the beach and in the centre of Estepona

In Plaza de las Flores, right in the centre of Estepona, the Silken El Pilar Andalucía opens its 4-star premises, with a full range of luxury services and an exclusive Anadalusian design.

The famous Playa de la Rada is only 2 minutes walk away, making this the ideal location to combine leisure, gastronomy and tourism: visits, shopping, culture, etc. Everything you need to make your break a success.

Although the El Pilar Andalucía has just opened, bookings at the best-guaranteed prices are already available on our official website.

Your boutique hotel in Estepona

Framed by two majestic towers, the façade of the El Pilar Andalucía is also notable for its grandiose marble dome, topped with the figure of the archangel Gabriel, making it yet another monument to view and visit.

Altogether, this is an impressive building that fits in perfectly with its privileged setting in Plaza de las Flores, incorporating the most characteristic features of traditional design. They include the predominant
use of white, tiles with geometrical designs, decorative moulding on balconies and windows and, of course, the magnificent internal courtyard, which the rooms look into.

When you are there, don’t forget to look at the ceiling: you’ll think you’re looking at the sky. This is definitely an idyllic setting in the heart of Estepona, ideal for getting away from everything during any type of trip.

More so because, true to the concept of a Boutique Hotel, the staff at El Pilar Andalucía will be delighted to offer you exclusive and personal attention, dealing with any queries and helping you with whatever bookings you need.

Accommodation by the beach in Estepona

Two minutes walk from our hotel, the Paseo Marítimo is an ideal place to relax, do sport and enjoy a lively atmosphere with excellent gastronomy.

Around the El Pilar Andalucía, you will also discover a historical centre of exceptional beauty, whose buildings have traditional whitewashed walls and are adorned with flowers of every colour. A winning combination for any type of visit.